It was an idea.

For as long as I can remember, we have had a special attitude towards fine arts at home. My father Marjan, who was otherwise a professional photographer, instilled it in us. He realized his idea in Goriška Brda by founding the House of Artists Bažato, a space dedicated to the work and creation of artists. After his far too early death, we in the family decided to continue the implementation of the idea where my father left off.
The art workshops that took place in the Bažato House of Artists over the years sharpened my taste and attitude towards fine art. A new, even bolder idea was born. A long-standing desire for a gallery has recently become a reality.

For this opportunity, I would like to thank all the artists who came to the House of Artists Bažato on Hum and created there. Without them, the idea and desire related to the opening of the gallery would not have come true. And with it a new beginning and new challenges.

Matjaž Bažato

Bažato Gallery

The Bažato House of Artists, which operates on Hum in Goriška Brda, is opening the premises of the Bažato Gallery in the capital and will enrich cultural life with its presence in Severje's Astra complex. The renovation of the building required special attention, over which the Institute for the Protection of the Cultural Heritage of Slovenia professionally watched over. The building was built in the 60s. of the last century, and its divided facade already indicates the organization of the interior space and construction, which was also one of the design principles of one of the most important architects of Slovenian post-war architecture, Savin Sever (1927-2003).

With a new beginning and the new Bažato Gallery, we want to move the works of artists through their creative process, present them as authors, analyze and show their specificity and personal perception of the world through the fusion of the real and the unreal with all their creative approaches. With our direction, we want to emphasize the recognition of the artistic potential of the selected artists, become the center of contemporary artistic practices, and present a diverse, instructive and inspiring domestic and foreign art field with a well-thought-out, precise and at the same time ambitious program.
The program of the Bažato Gallery consists of a series of solo, group, overview and thematic exhibitions and includes productions of various artistic approaches, current and in step with the times and open to interdisciplinary media. With this, we want to enable the intersection of modern art production with added value in the gallery, where the art we stand for and believe in will be actively, innovatively and professionally presented and traded. At the same time, we want to establish bridges between artists, professionals, collectors, lovers and lovers of art, demonstrate the ability to reevaluate the past, by reviving its freshness, and with a creative approach to the future, which we want to keep unencumbered by ideological views in the desire to successfully bridge possible obstacles in the realization of the gallery's missions.
A selection of artists from theBažato Gallery does not only mean a selection based on quality, but also provides an insight into the various productions and artistic approaches of artists of the older and younger generations, with whom the gallery cooperates, promotes and grows with them, and wants to take them to the international art space in the form of cooperation with galleries both at home as in the world and by participating in international art fairs.

We are convinced that there is enough high-quality and diverse artistic creativity in Slovenia and its surroundings, which needs to be supported and placed in a wider context, which will definitely be one of the biggest challenges in the gallery's future.

Nina Jeza